Thursday, January 17, 2013

Understanding Erectile Dysfunction (ED, Impotence)

Erectile disorder, also referred to as erectile dysfunction, occurs when a man experiences the recurrent inability to obtain and maintain an erection despite the presence of sexual stimulation. Some men can achieve an erection but are unable to maintain that erection adequately during intercourse. This disorder often leads to distress, anxiety, depression, and an overwhelming sense of failure. It can severely affect a man's relationship with his partner if he is unable to seek help for the problem. Unfortunately, many men are embarrassed by the presence of erectile dysfunction and have trouble seeking help from a professional doctor.

 Men of any age can experience an erectile disorder. Although it is commonly believed that only individuals over the age of 65 experience erectile dysfunction, that is not the case. Erectile dysfunction can occur at any point in time. If you currently experience any problems achieving and maintaining an erection, it is important to discuss the issue with your healthcare professional. Your doctor can recommend several treatment options for you ranging from complex supplements to natural supplements, exercises, devices, and surgical procedures. It is best to choose natural methods of treatment first so make sure you mention that to your doctor.

 Natural treatments generally consist of fewer side effects. Surgical procedures can further damage your penis and complex supplements are often associated with negative side effects on your body. Natural treatments such as all-natural supplements and devices are safer to use and often provide the same results. All-natural supplements promote blood flow to your penis, which helps you overcome the symptoms of erectile disorder. Improving the blood flow to your penis allows you to achieve an erection during sexual stimulation and allow you to maintain that erection. You may notice an overall boost in your libido and sexual performances as well.

 Devices used to treat erectile disorder include vacuum pumps. Vacuum pumps encourage the blood to flow to your penis so that you can achieve an erection. However, many men often lose their erections quickly. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you make use of a constriction band to help you trap the blood in your penis. This helps you prolong your erection so you can perform longer for your satisfaction and the satisfaction of your partner. The use of devices is preferred because almost anyone can use them safely. A person suffering from high blood pressure can use penis vacuums.

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