Monday, March 9, 2015

You Don't Have To Live With Sudden Erectile Dysfunction

If you are a man over the age of 40, one of the greatest fears you have is Sudden Erectile Dysfunction (SED). This condition affects 1 out of every 5 men in the world today. So, it is much more common than you would suspect. In this article, we will look at what SED is, its possible causes and what you can do about it. You don't have to go through life worrying about your ability to perform or your masculinity and have your self-esteem suffer.

Sudden Erectile Dysfunction

What is Sudden Erectile Dysfunction?

Sudden erectile dysfunction is the inability of a man to sustain indirection long enough for sexual intercourse at least 25% of the time. Having difficulty sustaining an erection from time to time is normal and should not be generally being a cause for concern. If the sudden loss of a penile erection continues or becomes more bothersome it is likely, a possible underlying health issue needs to be addressed.

SED can affect him and self-esteem, cause difficulty in relationships and while talking to a healthcare professional is uncomfortable. This is a necessary first step in order to correct this situation. SED may be a precursor to a more serious issue such as heart disease though in many cases it may be something as simple as interference from prescribed medicines you are ready taking.

Some of the things that can cause Sudden Erectile Dysfunction in today's world.

In the 21st century, man had lost many of the things that they used to consider necessary to being a man. Once a man was defined by his job or occupation, or his economic status and lifestyle.

After 2008 however, a man's occupation could change drastically or his entire career that took many years to develop could disappear overnight in the turbulent times that are occurring now, thus anxiety and job related stress accounts for many cases of erectile dysfunction.

Changing gender roles in society may make amends feel insecure and not sure of where he fits into society. Intimacy is becoming less and less in the world of smart phones and iPads and social networking.

The widespread availability of pornography is also taking a toll on man's ability to initiate a normal relationship with a member of the opposite sex. TV and Hollywood have given us unrealistic expectations in the expected sexual performance of a man and physical attractiveness of our potential sexual partners.

Coupled with this pollution, food additives such as Aspartame, and the easy availability of certain over the counter drugs also have a negative effects on a man's ability to achieve a penis erection perform in the bedroom.

Doctors are now in the habit of prescribing combinations drugs in order to overcome conditions such as obesity, high blood pressure, and depression. These drugs however may have side effects that can induce SED.

What Can You do About it?

The first step in any treatment plan requires the identification and acknowledgment that a problem exists. The next step is to get help. This is usually done by visiting your personal Physician or a specialist in male health problems.

The next step is to work through their Physician's testing procedures and with this, you must maintain patience and a positive mental attitude.

Your healthcare provider may recommend changes in diet, exercise and the use of prescription pharmaceuticals.

This is where most men fail. Some men are unwilling to change and follow their Physician's directions, which often leads to a spiraling downward feeling of depression and hopelessness.

This is why it is vital to work with your Physician and follow the directions and medications in the manner that they are prescribed. Male ego can be a very powerful force for good but it can also be detrimental to getting the hell you need.

Dr. Dean Ornish summed it up at a conference on how to get people to implement changes needed to help them. He said "Change or Die" recognizing "True Change" does not occur unless near death events occur. However, this is impractical today to implement in a medical manner.

This means you have to take it upon yourself to understand that if you want that "True Change" to take place you have to do it yourself no one can do it for you.

Monday, March 2, 2015

3 Penis Problems That Effect Sexual Health

There are several disorders that can have serious effects on the male penis, each impacting the sexual health of men suffering from them. This article will discuss 3 penis problems and what can be done to treat them effectively.

These disorders are called Peyronie's Disease, Priapism and Penile Cancer.

What Is Peyronie's Disease?

The actual cause of Peyronie's disease is still unknown. If the disorder develops rapidly, it will last only a short duration and quickly goes away without any clinical treatments. On the other hand, if the disorder develops slowly, it will probably require surgery to resolve.

Peyronie's disease is essentially, a condition of the penis that is characterized by a hard lump or a plaque forming outwardly. The plaque can form on the upper or lower sides of the penis, but always where the layers of erectile tissues reside. This hard lump causes swelling, irritation and eventually develops into a hardened scars. This scarring causes the penis to become less elastic, in the areas affected. As the scarring becomes harder, it reduces flexibility painfully and causes unnatural bending of the penis during an erection.

Peyronie's disease may be treated with prescription drugs, penile implants, surgical methods or laser therapy. Most physicians will advise patients to wait for 1 to 2 years before attempting any corrective surgery, since many cases of the disorder disappear within 6 months.

What Is Priapism?

When blood flow to the penis doesn't get proper drainage, this is called priapism. It is becoming more common in this century. The disorder is characterized by a constant, painful and unintentional erection that lasts over 4 hours. Generally, this condition is not preceded by sexual intercourse or having an orgasm.

Priapism has a number of root causes. These common causes include injury to the genitals, an undiscovered blood disease like leukemia, spinal problems, medications for blood pressure, using antidepressants, drug abuse and alcoholism. Occasionally priapism occurs due to local anesthesia or penile injection therapy.

Priapism must be treated immediately, if a person has this condition, seek medical attention. A extremely prolonged erection will scar the penis itself, possibly resulting in erectile dysfunction or other complications. The most common treatment involves using a needle to drain the penis of excess blood. Once blood flow has returned to a normal level, the penis will return to normal again. Treatment of the underlying conditions that causes the condition will be necessary.

What Is Penile Cancer?

A very rare form of cancer can happen to the penis, this cancerous growth causes abnormal cell structures to divide within the member itself. These tumors can become penile cancer, even if they are benign. The cause of penis cancer is still unknown.

Sores on the penis, discharge from under the foreskin, and abnormal bleeding are symptomatic of having penile cancer. Certain risk factors have been identified for penile cancer, as well. These include smoking cigarettes, age factors, being uncircumcised, Smegma, phimosis, being treated for psoriasis and having HPV or the Human Papilloma Virus. To have one or more of these risk factors, makes the chances of contracting penile cancer much greater.

Penile cancer usually requires surgery. The necessary treatment maybe more or less invasive, but it depends on when the cancerous growths get diagnosed. The earlier cancer gets diagnosed in any form, the better the patient's chances of recovery, remission and survival. Penile cancer in extreme cases can require amputation of the male genitals. Other methods include local extractions, cryosurgery, microsurgery, laser treatment or performing a standard circumcision.

If you or someone you know suffers from any of these conditions, advise them to get to a hospital for medical care immediately. It could save their life and their overall male sexual health.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What Your Sperm Says About You?

The behavior of sperm has long been the subject of intensive scientific research. After years of scientific investigation, many are starting to understand more about how they can get a better understanding of their sperm. Every day people are finding ways that they can understand more about their own bodies. This research is providing insight in to the different reproductive factors that can impact lives as well. There are many people who will be able to understand more about how sperm can signal different types of mate preferences as well. This has helped to provide some profound insight in to the lives of people everywhere.

When researchers look in to studying sperm, they will frequently evaluate how it may behave in a few simple ways. Researchers will look at path velocity and speed, since this is frequently a sign of healthy sperm in the human body. Healthy sperm is also a sign of fertility, which is an important consideration for many men out there. Men will need to get an overview of how they can improve on their physical, mental & sexual health problems in a few simple ways. If men review how they can enhance their health, they will be able to improve the chances that they will produce healthy infants.

But there are new paths of research that are starting to emerge in this field. Many researchers are starting to find links between the nature of sperm and the attractiveness of men. Women will tend to gravitate towards men who carry a certain type of sperm, or so say a branch of research that is drawing in more attention. Researchers are speculating about some of the reasons why this may be the case. Clearly, healthier sperm will tend to have a better overall chance to produce a health fertilized egg. This will have evolutionary benefits, adding to the overall experience that many people can get for themselves.

If people want to understand more about this subject, spending some time with the research literature is a valuable step for them to take. This can give couples a better overall understanding of some of the solutions that they have when it comes to improving the health of their sperm. Healthy sperm and attractive mates tend to go together, since this will improve the chances of a successful pregnancy. But over time, attractive mates have also gained some substantial characteristics that have improved their lives in a few simple ways.

Some men will tend to have sperm that will also signal characteristics about themselves. Researchers are now able to identify personal characteristics that men have when they are able to improve on their overall experiences. For instance, sperm may actually be linked to the tone of voice people tend to have. This can have a profound impact on the health of people everywhere. There are many women who find deep voices in men appealing, which may impact the mate selections that they tend to make. This has changed the make-up of sperm for many men, allowing researchers to hone in on unique differences among male subset populations.

Of course, there is a lot of debate about whether these traits will actually lead to healthier overall sperm. Researchers tend to focus on the motility of sperm when they are conducting their analyses. The idea is that faster and more mobile sperm will have a better overall chance of fertilizing the egg itself. This will provide women with the best overall chance of getting pregnant during sex. Men will want to understand more about how to improve their health experiences and link up with the support that they need to understand their sperm.

Overall, this research is unlocking some valuable insight in to the way that these experiences tend to unfold. Men will want to review how they can improve their health and what options they may have for sex. This can give men an opportunity that they need to review the guidance that they can get along the way. It is also an interesting field for biologists who are interested in human reproduction and the important steps that they need to take. There is likely to be renewed research in this field, which will impact the decisions that people may make for themselves.

Reference: Tips for Men's Sexual Health

Saturday, February 21, 2015

How To Satisfy A Woman In Bed And Make Sex Exciting - For Both!

Satisfying a woman in bed is something you should want to do for her. This is because you want the relationship to be good and to feel good for a very long time to come. The only way to make this happen is to use the sex organ that is in your head and not just your penis. Tuning the mind to work in sync with the body is just one aspect of satisfying a woman in bed. The rest involves her using her mind in an equally erotic fashion to get the sex off to a good feel and start for both.

You Need A Deeper Understanding Of Her And Her Needs

Satisfying a woman in bed is not based on art or any art. It is only about one thing and this one this is being able to have a deeper understanding of both her and what her needs are overall. It is as easy that that. You will put her needs ahead of your own and do all that you can to please her in bed physically. Sex is something that should be kept fresh at all times.

How To Satisfy A Woman In Bed?

Is Your Mind Convinced Or Not It Is Having Awesome Sex?

The mind is the very thing that you must be concerned with. For it is, the mind, that must be your greatest sex organ of all. This is because the mind itself is a great sex organ and place for foreplay filled with lots of experiment and imagination. The mind is truly a great playground in its own way. Therefore, convince her mind to find that playground, and both of you go there together.

Make Her Mind Learn To Enjoy The Good Things In Bed Like Yourself

As was previously stated here, the mind is an awesome sexual playground, and you need to convince her to use her mind accordingly while you two are in bed together. Condition her mind to enjoy the same good things that you do enjoy in bed yourself. This way the both of you can experience pleasure beyond pleasure together with the power of the mind over the body.

Sexual Satisfaction Is All About Emotional Intimacy

True sexual satisfaction is indeed all about complete emotional intimacy. This is because developing good emotional intimacy with someone special is everything. Sexual satisfaction is something that is totally dependent on the right type of emotional intimacy. If you don't have good emotional intimacy between two people. The sexual satisfaction won't be there, as it should be, and this is something that you don't want. You want both emotional intimacy and sexual satisfaction to go hand in hand.

Take More Time During Foreplay With Her

A lot of men do tend to hurry along the foreplay for their own satisfaction with sex. However, a man should take more time during foreplay with her, simply because women don't end to get excited as fast as men do. If you take more time to be intimate with her playfully, it is something, which will also make the sex between you two all the more exciting at the end of the day. So, with this said, do extend the sex play before the actual sex does take place.

Take Into Account Her Erogenous Zones

One thing a man should know at all times is this. He should know his particular woman's erogenous zones. Each woman is different in her own way sexually. However, the general erogenous zones do go from the back of her neck to her ears to all the way down to her knees and toes. There are some very special sweet spots in between. You should make note of where these special erogenous zones are on her.


When you have a deeper understanding of your partner and her specific needs. You are truly on the path to making your relationship all that it can be for a very long time to come. So, with this said, do satisfy her completely in the bedroom and she will do the same for you. It's a two party deal or no go. It is two of everything working together from the start. This two is two in body, in mind, and in heart from the get go.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Xantho 5X Reviews

Xantho 5X is a male enhancement supplement designed to offer increased circulation to the penis for stronger, harder erections and improves overall sexual performance. The Xantho 5X formula is very comprehensive and a well-made product.

Xantho 5X Ingredients

  • L-Arginine
  • Piper Longum
  • Butea Buperba
  • DHEA
  • Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris
  • Yohimbe
  • Cnidium Monnier
  • Eurycoma Longifolia

How does Xantho 5X work?

Xantho 5X discourses the task of making penis bigger, with a sequence of targeted know-hows that allow for more of the active ingredients to reach the key areas of your anatomy. Unlike other male enhancement products that just attempt to increase blood flow to the penis and to open up chambers in the penis. Xantho 5X claims to give a bigger penis from the pharmacological aspect with proprietary and proven ingredients in pharmaceutical dosages. This superior technology along with innovative formula work as a tandem to target the vital trigger zones of your penis that are most receptive to enhancement. By concentrating on these key areas where the greatest potential for changes exists, allow for a significant growth in the penis.

Xantho 5X Pros

The price is affordable
It comes with money back guarantee

Xantho 5X Cons

It contains dangerous ingredient “Yohimbe” that may cause serious side effects and is almost banned in many countries.
The website is over-hyped and makes inconsistent claims.

Is Xantho 5X Safe to Use?

There are no reported side-effects associated with Xantho 5x use. But, xanthoparmelia scabrosa is said to be possibly hazardous by medical experts. This ingredient contains toxic chemicals that negatively affect healthy cells.
Arginine may sometimes cause bloating, low blood pressure, allergies, and abdominal pain. But, the proprietary blend containing arginine in Xantho 5X is small. Consequently users may experience arginine side-effects.

How long will it take to give results?

Most men reported results in only 3-4 weeks. You may experience results soon or it may take a bit longer for your body to adjust. The good news is that with unique formula and the Rapid Expansion Technology will help you to get results.

Is Xantho 5X a drug?

Xantho5X is not a drug. It is a daily natural nutritional supplement that does not require a prescription, despite the fact that it contains “Yohimbe” in the Xantho 5X formula.

Xantho 5X Conclusion

Xantho 5x’s ingredient list is promising, blended with ingredients that either increases blood flow or boost sexual urge. However, the proprietary blend is less than many clinically-studied doses that’s the reason it takes a month’s time to show results. The customer reviews are extremely favorable, which is comforting. But there are various other products available in the market with much potent ingredients that are found to be beneficial for sexual health.

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